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Jain Story Ludo + Daily Virtue Card (2 in 1)

The main purpose behind this game is to put before the children some gem out of the enormous treasure of Jain stories. The child will come to know what are the types of actions which lead to births which are unpleasant and full of horrible experiences. He will also come to know what type of activities can lead to birth in existence which leads to pleasant experiences. Thus by knowing the two distinct categories of activity which lead to unpleasant births & pleasant births respectively, the child will be able to choose the better path which will purify his thoughts, words & deeds. Thus he will be saved from evil deeds of the nature. The following 16 individuals revolve in human, sub-human, celestial or hellish existences in accordance to their good or bad deeds or practice the highest spiritual sadhna and attain liberation. This has been shown through the stories given in outline form. Stories: Procession of King Dashaambhadra Bharat Chakravarti Hell’s view in Mrugaa’s Mind Gandhar Goutamswaami Naagashri offering bitter gourd Chittmuni explaining to Brahmadutt Chakravarti Kundrik Muni Sourikdutt catching fish Nand Maniyaar born as frog Sumukh Mother giving Khir to Sangam Meruprabh Elephant saves a rabbit King Shrenik Mother Bharda Shaalibhadra Balbhadra Baldev Dhannaa saint in penance Dev examines Kamdev
Language title : Jain Story Ludo + Daily Virtue Card (2 in 1)
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Publisher : Multy Graphics
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Sub Category : Childrens
Sect : Shwetambar
Language : English
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