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Jain Puzzle – Shree Samavsaran Temple, Palitana

These puzzles can help inculcate the values of building a temple right from childhood. Samavsaran Mandir is built at the foot hills of the Shantrunjay Tirth, Palitana, Gujarat. Samavsaran Mandir consists of a large figure of Mahavira in the sitting position with feet in crossed position. The idol is decorated with gems, jewels, gold and silver. The main temple of Samavsaran has an iconic image of Adinath made up of a fine piece of marble and the eyes of the idol are made up of crystals. In front of the temple there is a quadrangle that has been designed elaborately. The interior of the temple is designed and carved intricately; the ceilings of the temple has pattern similar to geometrical laces that have been clustered together to form a canopy.
Language title : Jain Puzzle – Shree Samavsaran Temple, Palitana
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