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Discover Jainism – Question and Answer Game

How To Play: Protect this game from ‘Ashatana’ – ill treatment. Distribute the cards equally between all players. The player who has Card no. 12 of Jain Dharma – plays first. He will ask a question from any one of the cards that he has to the player sitting on his left. If the answer is right, the player answering gets the card & the card is put down. If the answer is wrong – the player asking the question can pull any one card from the player who answered wrong. Then he will put down the card from which the question was asked. Now the next player asks a question sitting next to him. Thus turn by turn everyone gets a chance to ask question and answer. The game continues till all the cards have been placed down. The player scoring the most point is the winner. The left side of every card has points and the right answers. There are 48 cards which contain 48 questions. While asking the question the answer should be kept hidden with the thumb.
Language title : Discover Jainism – Question and Answer Game
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Publisher : Multy Graphics
Category : Print Editions
Sub Category : Childrens
Sect : Shwetambar
Language : Hindi
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