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Exploration into Insight J Krishnamurti

Exploration into Insight is the transcription of talks that took place during more than 30 years within a group of people from various disciplines, backgrounds and pursuits, deeply concerned with the problems facing humanity and with one central interest, the unfoldment of the self through the perceptive field of self-knowledge. J Krishnamurti’s role in these dialogues is of great interest. The dialogues are not questions and answers as most of his books. In these talks there is no exchange of opinion, no spilling out of the verbal, no operation of memory as past experience, blocking the new. There is a listening with the total flowering of the senses’. In that intensity of enquiry, insight arises. Speaking of the nature of this state, Krishnamurti says `there is only perception and nothing else. Everything else is movement in time. Perception is without time. There is a momentum which is timeless.’
Language title : Exploration into Insight J Krishnamurti
Category : Books
Sub Category : Philosophy
Sect : Unknown
Language : English
No. of Pages : 205


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