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The Origin Of Conflict by J. Krishnamurti

The Origin Of Conflict by J. Krishnamurti is a collection of transcripts from his popular public talks. All speeches were held in 1952 in either Madras, India, or London. Most of the talks have included a question and answer sections. From the book: “When you recognize that every movement of the mind is merely a form of strengthening the self, when you observe it, see it, when you are completely aware of it in action, when you come to that point – not ideologically, verbally, not through experiencing, but when you are actually in that state – then you will see that the mind being utterly still, has no power of creating. What ever the mind creates, is in a circle, within the field of the self. When the mind is non-creating, there is creation, which is not a recognizable process.”
Language title : The Origin Of Conflict by J. Krishnamurti
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