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The science of Yoga – free pdf ebook guide on yoga

The science of Yoga. In this basic literature of Yoga, the Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali stand out as the most authoritative and useful book on yoga. In its 196 Sutras the author has condensed the essential philosophy and technique of Yoga in a manner which is a marvel of condensed and systematic exposition. Author Dr. Taimni is professor of chemistry and physics of he highlights some of the more demanding but important concepts in the sutras with examples from modern scientific research. From the book: People who take up the study of Yoga with the object of finding a more satisfactory solution of these problems are likely to meet with one serious difficulty. They may find the philosophy interesting, even fascinating, but too much enveloped in mystery and rigmarole to be of much practical value in their life. For there is no subject which is so much wrapped up in mystery and on which one can write whatever one likes without any risk of being proved wrong. To a certain extent this atmosphere of mystery and obscurity which surrounds Yoga is due to the very nature of the subject itself. The philosophy of Yoga deals with some of the greatest mysteries of life and the Universe and so it must inevitably be associated with an atmosphere of profound mystery. But much of the obscurity of Yogic literature is due, not to the intrinsic profundity of the subject, but to the lack of correlation between its teachings and the facts with which an ordinary educated man is expected to be familiar. If the doctrines of Yoga are studied in the light of both ancient and modern thought it is much easier for the student to understand and appreciate them.
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