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Ācārya Māņikyanandi’s Parīkşāmukha Sūtra – Essence of the Jaina Nyāya

The science-of-thought (Nyāya) has always been an integral part of the four constituents (anuyoga) – prathamānuyoga, karuņānuyoga, caraņānuyoga, and dravyānuyoga – of the Jaina Scripture. Through Parīkşāmukha Sūtra, Ācārya Māņikyanandi (circa 7th-8th century A.D.) churned the nectar of the science-of-thought (Nyāya) from the ocean of the words of the master-composers like Ācārya Samantabhadra and Bhaţţa Akalańka Deva. The valid-knowledge (pramāņa) ascertains the true nature of objects while the fallacious-knowledge (pramāņābhāsa) does the opposite. Parīkşāmukha Sūtra characterizes, as per the earlier authoritative expositions and in brief, both these (pramāņa and pramāņābhāsa) for the benefit of the uninitiated learners. It is an essential canonical text that every knowledge-seeking householder and ascetic must try to master.

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