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One who harms other living beings, invites harm, And one who saves other living beings, saves the self too! With a vision to instill the virtues of Compassion in our hearts, a foresight to keep us protected from this coronavirus pandemic and inculcate a lifestyle such that no living being suffers at our hands; Rashtrasant Param Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb shared the noble message of SAVE LIFE, SAVE SELF This booklet of “Jayanapothi” shows many options and alternatives of cultivating compassion and carefulness within us. A blessed opportunity to learn, understand and practice how we can be vigilant and care for other living beings in our daily life with a tender heart and an alert mind! Imbibe this knowledge well and spread to as many as you can, to be a Satt Nimit in instilling compassion in the hearts of one and all!
Language title : જાતના
Publisher : parasdham
Category : Books
Sub Category : Self-Help (Jainism)
Sect :
Language : Gujarati
No. of Pages : 28


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