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Caodong Chan Buddhist Concept of “Jeweled Mirror Samadhi”

The development of Caodong Chan Buddhism, from the very beginning, showed the cultural features of a relationship with philosophy of the Book of Changes. The regretful thing is that presently academic research in this field is extremely weak. The mutual impact between philosophy of the Book of Changes and Caodong Chan Buddhism has a very deep philosophical foundation, a complicated historical background, and an extraordinary cultural and geographical environment, and an infinite life force with strong and great research value. This paper has taken the study of “Caodong Chan Buddhist Concept of Jeweled Mirror Samadhi” (baojing sanmei) as its objects of research, and the author is attempting, through research and investigation, to analyze the source, characteristics and ideological methodology of their relationship. The author intends to clarify the fundamental paths of their ideological development, along with their essential features
Language title : Caodong Chan Buddhist Concept of “Jeweled Mirror Samadhi”
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Publisher : Published 2017
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Sub Category : Sociology
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Language : English
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