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Socio-economic status of women in Jainism

The socio-economic status of women is an important indicator to measure the development of either community or nation. Most of the religions have accorded women inferior status and relegated them to a secondary position. However, Jainism is a religion of equality of all souls, devoted to a recognizing the rights of all leaving creatures. So not surprisingly, it accepts that women are equally important as men. Hence, this paper mainly focuses on Socio-economic status of women in Jainism. Though it is a minority community, it is an attempt to gather the data from various sources from the period of Rishabha, the first Thīrthankara to present era. The Socio economic status of women are analysed with their contributions and their participation in various religious activities and socio-economic services. The study covers the geographical scope of Jain population clusters of India. The findings reveal the fact India.
Language title : Socio-economic status of women in Jainism
Publisher : Published 2017
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