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Varshitap Ni Rahasya Yatra

Sometimes this happens. We think, we do tap. Actually we devaluate tap. અબજોપતિ માટે કહેવું કે 'એની પાસે તો હજારો રૂપિયા છે' Just like this. Pure devaluation. Let's try to realise varshitap. What's it exactly? How god Adinath did it? How can we perform it? Come, let's go to the secrets of the varshitap.
Language title : વર્ષીતપની રહસ્યયાત્રા
Author :
Publisher : Aho Shrutam
Category : Books
Sect : Shwetambar
Language : Gujarati
No. of Pages : 36
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