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Mastering the core teachings of the Buddha

Mastering the core teachings of the Buddha. Highly recommended: This book is for those who really want to master the core teachings of the Buddha and who are willing to put in the time and effort required to be enlightened. It is also for those who are tired of having to decipher the code of modern and ancient dharma books, as it is designed, to be honest, explicit, straightforward, and rigorously technical. Mastering the core teachings of the Buddha is written in a straightforward language and it deals with a number of the problems students are having in their meditations. Moreover, author Daniel Ingram describes a framework for enlightenment. From the book: “The essential point about meditation is this: to get anywhere in meditation you need to be able to really steady the mind and be present. That’s just all there is to it and it is largely a question of just doing it. There is an important shift that happens in people’s practice when they really make the commitment to developing concentration and follow through with it. Until one does this, not much is likely to happen in one’s meditative practice! If you decide to do a concentration practice, stay on that object like a rabid dog until you have enough stability and skill to let the mind rest on it naturally.”
Language title : Mastering the core teachings of the Buddha
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