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Divine Justice or The problem of Evil

Divine Justice or The Problem of Evil by Javad Shayvard is published by the World Organization for Islamic Services in Tehran in 1977. It deals with the problems of justice, morals, and concepts as evilness from a Shia point of view. From the book: If there is a Just God why, is there so much evil. There is death, war, earthquake, hunger, bitter conditions of life …….. etc. The argument then follows that either there is no God or there is a cruel God, who like a monster enjoys seeing us suffer. This question has been answered in many ways in different ages. Some of them are as follows and we shall have a brief look at them: l. God is the Perfect Being, and justice is part of perfection. Therefore, God is Just. So whatever of the injustice we see in the world will be rectified eventually. In other words, he has no needs, and injustice is either from ignorance and fanaticism or from need, and none of these are conceivable for the Perfect Being. Imam Husayn, in the deserts of Arafat, before being martyred by the enemy, said: “God, you are so needless that you yourself cannot benefit yourself. How then, can we give anything to you?!”
Language title : Divine Justice or The problem of Evil
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Sub Category : Sahitya - Literature
Sect : Islam
Language : English
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