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Sri Aurobindo VOL 26 – The Future Poetry with On Quantitative Metre

Sri Aurobindo’s The Future Poetry and On Quantitative Metre are here collected as Volume 26 in Auro bindo’s collected works. The Collected works by Sri Aurobindo are still being published and edited by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India, and 37 volumes in total are planned. Only four of them are still missing. The Future Poetry was first published in the monthly Arya in thirty-two instalments between December1917 and July 1920. Sri Aurobindo twice undertook to revise The Future Poetry. During the late 1920s or early 1930s he revised seventeen chapters; in 1950 he dictated changes and additionsto twenty chapters, thirteen of which had been revised earlier. The work of revision was never completed and The Future Poetry was not published in the form of a book during Sri Aurobindo’s lifetime.In 1953 the Arya text of The Future Poetry was brought out as a book, with only two passages of the later revision added. In 1985 an edition incorporating all available revision was published. On Quantitative Metre was published in 1942 as an appendix to Collected Poems and Plays and as a separate book.
Language title : Sri Aurobindo VOL 26 – The Future Poetry with On Quantitative Metre
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