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The Minor Law-Books: Brihaspati. (Part 1 of 1).

The Sacred Books of the East is an enormous project undertaken by Max Müller and various authors from 1879 and 1910. The group’s work was published by Oxford University Press and to this day many of the translations are the only ones existing or the most precise. These translations might be some of the most important literature in one collection the world has ever seen. It is not possible to buy the complete set of these works, but Google Books and Microsoft has done an effort to scan them all from library sources since they are now in the Public Domain. Please keep in mind that these volumes are huge, some of the files are more than 50 MB and has up to 3.000 pages. In total there is more than a hundred thousand pages.
Language title : The Minor Law-Books: Brihaspati. (Part 1 of 1).
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