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Nay- Vad

Teesare Chhatra ne kaha – Vividh vastuon ko Ek roop karane ke pashchat unaka vishesh roop mein bodh karana ho, ya Lok-Vyavahar mein upayog karane ka jab bhee prasang aaye, tab unaka vishesh Roop se bhed karake prthak karn karane vali drshti ko vyavahaar-nay kahate hai. Jaise ki Manushy kahane matra se bhinn-bhinn…….. Description about eBook : The third student said – “When miscellaneous objects have to be understood in a particular way, or whenever there is a context of using them in public practice, then they are specially distinguished and treated to separate aural vision. -Newly say. “As if humans were different from what they say ……..
Language title : नय-वाद
Publisher : Sanmati Sahitya
Category : Books
Sub Category : Adhyatmik
Sect :
Language : Hindi
No. of Pages : 278
Keywords : नय-वाद


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