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Vitraag ViGnaan Pathmala Part-3 (Mar)

Topics include Siddh Pujan (Homage to The Siddhas), Puja vidhi ane phal (Worship, Method and Benefit), Upyog (Operative Consciousness), Grahit and Agrahit Mithyatva (Adopted and Inherited False Knowledge/Belief), Hun Kaun Chu (Who Am I?), Shravak na 12 vrat (Twelve Conduct Rules of A Spiritually Householder), Mukti no Marg (The Path to Liberation), Nischay ane Vyavhaar (Real And Conventional), Das Lakshan Mahavarva (The Great Festival of Ten Virtues), Balbhadra Ram, Samaysaar Stuti (Summary of Homage to the Samaysar)
Language title : Vitraag ViGnaan Pathmala Part-3 (Mar)
Category : Books
Sub Category : General
Sect : Digambar
Language : Marathi
No. of Pages : 55
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