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Anathi Muni

A story of a prince who suffered from a fatal illness which made him realise that he is all alone in the world like an orphan despite having all the riches a man could have. Episode1:King Shrenik meets a young looking Sage who is meditating. The King was quite Intrigued by the Sage Episode 2:The sage start to tells a story about a prince to King Shrenik Episode3: Rajkumar bieng in a painful state due to a fatal illness which do not have a cure creates anxiety in the whole kingdom Episode4 : Rajkumar's mother tries to convince Rajkumar not to be a monk as he is very young Episode 5: Rajkumar's mother tries to emotionally blackmail him so he does not take diksha. Further Rajkumar's father also tries to convicne him by reminding him of his responsibilities. Epsiode 6: Rajkumar tries to make his father understand why is it necessary for him to become a monk Episode 7:the prince finds him in a position where he has to chose between his promise anfd his vows taken during the marriage. Episode 8:Rajkumar reasons his action and tells his side of story Epsidoe 9:The Rajkumar takes diksha and finally finds his destiny Episode 10: The Sage who met King Shrenik was himself Anathi muni and King Shrenik attains Samyaktva
Language title : અનાથી મુની
Category : Audiobooks
Sub Category : Story (Jainism)
Sect : Shwetambar
Language : Gujarati
No. of Pages : 2029
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