Books by: Acharya Shrimad Rajchandra

Shrimad Rajchandra (9 November 1867 – 9 April 1901) was a Jain poet, mystic, philosopher, scholar and reformer. Born near Morbi, he claimed to have recollection of his past lives at the age of seven. He performed Avadhāna, a memory retention and recollection test that gained him popularity, but he later discouraged it in favour of his spiritual pursuits. He wrote much philosophical poetry including Atma Siddhi. He also wrote many letters and commentaries and translated some religious texts. He is best known for his teachings on Jainism and his spiritual guidance to Mahatma Gandhi. Early life Shrimad Rajchandra was born on 9 November 1867 (Kartik Sud Purnima, Vikram Samvat 1924), in Vavania, a port near Morbi (now in Gujarat, India). His mother, Devbai, was Svetambara Sthanakvasi Jain and his father, Ravjibhai Mehta and paternal grand father, Panchan Mehta, were Vaishnava Hindu. So he was introduced to Jainism and Hinduism from early life. They were from Vaniya community and from Dasa Shrimali caste. He was initiated in Vaishnavism by a Sadhu named Ramadasji. He continued to study other Indian religions and was attracted to Ahimsa (non-violence) doctrine of Jainism. Later he chose Jainism because he considered that it provides best path to salvation. But Vaishnavism left a lasting influence on him. His birth name was Lakshminandan Mehta. He was renamed Raichand by his parents when he was four years old. Later his name changed to its Sanskrit form, Rajchandra. Shrimad, an honorific, was added by his disciples posthumously. His disciples also refer to him as Param Krupalu Dev (Lord of the Highest Compassion).
Published books : 25
Designation : Acharya
Sect : Shwetambar Murtipujak

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