Books by: Muni Nyaya Vijayaji

Muni Nyayavijayaji M. S. (A. D. 1890-1970) Muni Nyayavijayaji,an ideal Jaina monk, was an embodiment of learning and love. His forte was his spiritual and philosophical thinking, and his contribution in the field is both substantial and distinctive. He wrote nearly thirty works in Sanskrit, the more noteworthy among them being Nyayaku-sumanjali, Adhyatmatattvaloka and Kalyana-bharati. Deeply impressed by his erudition, non-sectarian spirit and poetic genius, pandits of Ujjain Honoured him, praised his literary excellence and described him as an incarnation of Asvaghosa and Kalidasa. He wrote several works in Gujarati. But the work entitled 'Jaina Darsana' is his magnum opus. It is extremely interesting both for the general reader and for the specialist in Jainism. The first will undoubtedly appreciate the effort made by the author to explain clearly the principles and spirit of Jainism, whereas the second will learn much from the treatment of many aspects of Jainism by a scholar who is equally at home in both Jainism and other systems of Indian Philosophy. The work covers a wide variety of problems. It is so lucid, cogent and authentic that twelve editions sold of problems. It got translated into Hindi but has come out in English only now. It evinces the author's close acquaintance with the tenets of Jainism, his keenness of arriving at right and rational conclusions, his insight into the essentials of religion, his positive and constructive approach, and his deep knowledge of the systems of Indian Philosophy. It won the praise of many including an Arya Samaji Pt. Swami Premanandji and Muni Punyavijayaji. Under the tutelage of Rev. Vijayadharmasuri he was able to invoke all those spiritual elements which he has woven into his writings. His forte is his spiritual and philosophical thinking and his contribution in the field is both substantial and distinctive. His exposition is neither sectarian nor dogmatic. His writings aim to enable his readers better evaluate the philosophical and ethical principles in the light of changing world. Freshness of interpretation of old texts, discretionary power, penetrating insight, spontaneous spiritual feelings and all-embracing love have been clearly manifested in his writings. He every now and then regrets that clearly manifested in his writings. He every now and then regrets that owing to sectarianism and narrow-mindedness the religious atmosphere is greatly polluted. Sanskrit Works By Muni Nayayavijayaji 1. Nyayakusumanjalih 2. Atmatattvaprakasah 3. Adhyatmatattvalokah 4. Mahatmavibhutih 5. Jivanamrtam 6. Jivanahitam 7. Jivanabhumih 8. Anekantavibhutih 9. Dinakrandanam 10. Bhaktagitam 11. Mahamanava-Mahavira 12. Kalyanabhavana 13. Kalyanamargamimamsa 14. Viravibhutih 15. Jivanapathopanisad 16. Bhaktabharati 17. Vidyarthijivanarasmi 18. Atmahitopadesah 19. Upadesasarah 20. Asvasanam 21. Artanadah 22. Nyayalankarah 23. Kalyanabharati
Published books : 11
Designation : Muni
Sect : Shwetamber Murtipujak

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