Books by: Muni Trilokmuni

Agam Manishi shri Trilok Muniji’s Life Introduction Date of Birth: 19-12-1946, or 2003 Posh Vad – 11. Place of Birth: Khichan : District – Jodhpur (Rajasthan State) Birth Name: Shree Tilokchand Golechha Father’s Name: Shree Lalchandji Golechha Father’s Eductation: Matric, Jain ‘Visharad’ Father’s Occupation: Teacher From 20 years age to 70 years of age. Mother’s Name: Pujya Smt. Gangadevi Mother’s Education: NIL Brothers-Sisters: Muni shree has four brothers & four sisters. They all are existing at present. Munishree’s Education: Muni shree has taken education up to 10th, In the year 1962. Occupation Work: Muni shree has served from the age of 16 up to the age of 20th— (1) Khadi gramodyog Bhavan – Khichan two years with Salesman and Production Trainin in Delhi and Kanpur. (2) Service in Bombay – 4 months in Firm of Commission Agent. (3) Service at Agarchand Bherodan Sethiya, Jain Parmarthik Sanstha Bikaner (Rajasthan) as librarian Assistant for 3 years. At that time, there were 16 thousand books in the library.
Published books : 8
Designation : Muni
Sect : Sthanakwasi

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