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Fulchand is an enlightened master who has devoted his life to spreading the teachings of his spiritual guru, Shrimad Rajchandra, around the world. Though he is strongly rooted in the Jainism theory of Samyak Darshan (Enlightenment) and Moksha (Nirvana), he aims to share this divine knowledge with every soul in the world that is ready to acquire it, regardless of caste, creed, religious inclination, nationality, food habits, gender or any other differentials. His disciples think of him as an ocean of compassion as he has relentlessly sweated, toiled and even bled, just to spread the call of the divine to as many souls as he possibly can. He wishes he could communicate with trees and animals too and help them understand the Eternal Truth as well. Fulchand believes his arrival on this planet in the human avatar was for one singular purpose – to spread awareness about the Ultimate Truth, that Truth which when realized, brings an end to all suffering – Self-realization. He has been giving spiritual discourses around the world since the age of 16 years, ex-gratia. Those who have had the fortune to listen to him in person or to study under his guidance consider it the result of the accumulation of extremely pious karmas attracted in one or more of their previous births. If this material, transient, illusory world is one side, Fulchand is the voice of the ‘other side.’ And this is experienced by everyone who listens to him in person. Divinity seems to talk through him. On account of his immense spiritual progress realized in his previous births, he acquired ‘Jaati Smaran Gyaan’ (recalling the memory of one’s several past lives in a flash) at a young age. Fulchand thus has the knowledge of 1500 ancient scriptures that were written hundreds of years back by self realized monks belonging to the lineage of Omniscient Gods, not only by rote, but also by realization. Due to this, he can expound on each and every stanza for hours at a stretch without even looking at the scripture. He can recall from his memory any stanza from any scripture along with the relevant page number of the scripture, at will. Due to his awakened soul memory, Fulchand had the ability to fluently converse (and read and write) in the local language of most countries, the moment he put his foot out of the airplane and stepped onto the local land, having previously never learnt or even heard the language (in this birth). This has enabled him to give discourses in Japanese, Mandarin, Balinese, Thai, Viatnamese, Cambodian, Indonesian, Maorii, Swahili, Batak etc. besides Hindi, Gujarati and English. He considers this knowledge as superficial knowledge and doesn’t give it too much importance. Fulchand has also authored more than 30 books on various aspects of Self-realization, vegetarianism, spirituality in Hindi, English and Gujarati. These are available for free download on our Books page. By listening to his discourses, thousands of people have experienced an instant transformation in their lives. More than 5000 people have chosen to adopt vegetarianism, at will, by just listening to his discourses. You can listen to or watch his discourses for free on the Discourses page. Fulchand lives by the mottos – Connection before Correction and Humanity before Spirituality. Fulchand’s life His name stems from the combination of “Phool” which in Gujarati means flower and “chaand,” which means the moon. Fulchand was born on the 25th of July, 1981, in Umrala (a village in Gujarat, India), to very religious parents Shri Kishor Bapuji and Shrimati Nirmala Mataji. His mother tongue is Gujarati. An astrologer had predicted that he would grow up to be a highly regarded saint or monk. His grandparents were spiritual saints – Shri Shyamdevswamia and Shrimati Ratnadevi. Fulchand showed a spiritual inclination from early childhood. At the age of seven, during a religious ritual, Fulchand was deeply involved in thoughts of detachment and separation of the soul with the body. In school he used to be ambidextrous and would finish his examinations in half the time allotted as he would write answers to two questions simultaneously on two separate answer sheets – one with the left hand and one with the right! He was clairvoyant and would be able to tell the gender of child months before the child was born by just looking at the pregnant mother. He is an ardent devote of Param Krupalu Dev Shrimad Rajchandra and Param Pujya Sadgurudev Shri Kanji Swami. After he finished his schooling at Umrala, his parents got him enrolled in a college that taught Jainism. Dr. Hukamchand Bharill was his religious guide while he earned the degrees of Pandit and Shastri from Shri Pandit Todarmal Digamber Jain Siddhant College, Jaipur and the Rajasthan University, Jaipur, respectively. From the age of 19, he was able to recall more than 1500 ancient spiritual scriptures written by enlightened monks hundreds of years back. He started giving spiritual discourses from the age of 16 and has given more than 30,000 hours of discourses around the world till date of which the last 10,000 hours have been recorded and are available on the website for free download. In 2009, he founded the Adhyatmik Sadhana Kendra in Umrala, Gujarat. Here, he wishes to fulfill the dream of his spiritual Guru, Shrimad Rajchandra. Shrimad dreamt of guiding 100 to 200 souls to enlightenment but he left his body at a young age of 33 years, before he could fulfill this dream. Fulchand wishes to fulfill this dream by guiding 142 souls towards enlightenment. The Adhyatmik Sadhana Kendra has been founded to be the base for this highest level of spiritual practice and interested practitioners have started their journey from 01st of January, 2018.
Published books : 36
Designation : Author
Sect : Digamber

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